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MADE IN JAPAN   /   KabukiGlasses®   $300 USD + TAX in USA    /   Patent #6259765

Opera KabukiGlasses vs Typical Binoculars


Patent #6259765
Design Pat. #1473314 (Japan)
Design Pat. D703,254 (USA)
Design Pat. 002216754-0001 (Europe), etc.

Innovative & Ultimate Function Upgrade Your Seat Stores Location

The Story of KabukiGlasses youtube Opera "La Traviata"KabukiGlasses on Media

Luxury Version with Japan's Traditional Hand Crafts Best Binoculars

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Patent (PCT) Pending Internationallly. Design Patent #1473314 (Japan), D703,254 (USA), 002216754-0001 (Europe), etc.